High Card Season 1 Hindi Subbed, High Card Hindi Subbed
High Card Season 1 Hindi Subbed, High Card Hindi Subbed

High Card Hindi Subbed, High Card Season 1 Hindi Subbed,High Card In hindi,High Card Season 1 Hindi, Hindi Sub Anime



Series Info :

  • Name : High Card Season 1 Hindi 
  • Other Name : High Card
  • Genre : Action, Fantasy
  • Myanimelist : 7/10
  • Total Episodes : 12/12 [ Completed ]
  • Duration : 23m per episode
  • Language : Japanese ( Hindi Subtitles )


High Card Hindi Sub | High Card Anime In Hindi |  Summary

“High Card” is an anime that revolves around the competitive world of a fictional card game. The story follows a group of skilled card players who participate in tournaments and battles to prove their abilities and become the ultimate card game champion. The protagonist is a young and talented card player named Yuki, who dreams of becoming the best card game player in the world. Yuki is initially an underdog, but with determination and hard work, he gradually rises through the ranks, facing various challenges and opponents along the way. As Yuki progresses in the competitive card game scene, he forms a team of friends who share the same passion for the game. Together, they train, strategize, and compete in intense battles against formidable opponents. The anime showcases the excitement of the card game matches, the strategic thinking involved in each move, and the deep bond that develops among the team members. As Yuki’s skills improve, he encounters rival players with unique playing styles and strategies, each with their own backstory and motivations. Yuki faces tough opponents and experiences both victories and defeats, learning important life lessons and growing as a person along the way. Throughout the anime, Yuki and his team face various challenges, including internal conflicts within the team, cheating controversies, and the pressure of high-stakes tournaments. The anime delves into the characters’ personal struggles, their determination to achieve their goals, and the bonds of friendship that keep them going. As the story progresses, Yuki’s journey becomes a quest to become the best card game player, not only for his own sake but also to inspire others and make a positive impact on the card game community. The anime culminates in an epic showdown between Yuki and his arch-rival in the ultimate card game championship, where he must use all his skills and experiences to come out on top. “High Card” is a thrilling and engaging anime that combines the excitement of card games with the drama of personal struggles, teamwork, and intense competition. It showcases the power of determination, friendship, and the pursuit of excellence, making it a compelling watch for both anime and card game enthusiasts alike.

(Source: Myanimelist)


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Season 1 Completed… 

Episode 1-6 HD

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Episode 7-12 HD

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