My Hero Academia Season 1 Hindi Dubbed, My Hero Academia Hindi Dubbed
My Hero Academia Season 1 Hindi Dubbed, My Hero Academia Hindi Dubbed

Anime Information

Name : My Hero Academia Season 1 ( Official Dub )

Other Name : Boku no Hero Academia

Release Year : 2016

Total Episodes : 13/13 ( Completed )

Language : Hindi Dubbed ( Official)

Genre : Action, School, Super Power, Shounen

Duration: 24m Per Episode

Quality : 720p, 1080p


Over the years, the emergence of “quirks,” newfound superhuman abilities, has been on a steady rise, with 80 percent of the population now possessing a diverse range of powers, from elemental manipulation to shape-shifting. This leaves the remaining 20 percent of the world completely devoid of such abilities, and among them is Izuku Midoriya. From a young age, this determined middle schooler has held a single, unwavering dream: to become a hero. Despite his lack of powers, Izuku remains an ardent admirer of heroes, diligently studying them and taking notes whenever he can. But against all odds, his persistence eventually bears fruit when he crosses paths with none other than All Might, the world’s top hero and his personal idol. All Might possesses a one-of-a-kind quirk that can be passed down, and he selects Izuku as his successor. Enduring months of rigorous training, Izuku gains admission to UA High, a prestigious high school renowned for its top-tier hero training program. The incoming freshman class this year appears exceptionally talented. Alongside his peculiar yet gifted classmates, Izuku faces the looming threat of a villainous organization, discovering the true essence of heroism in the process.

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Episode 1-13 720p = HSA 1 | HSA 2 | HSA TG

Episode 1-13 1080p = HSA 1 | HSA 2 | HSA TG
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